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27 September 2023

New MithraREM 5G Module

Geomod and CSTB are proud to announce a brand new module in MithraREM that will revolutionise the modelling of smart antennas.

Traditionally, the modelling of active antennas has been limited to calculating a radiation envelope around the antenna. We want to take this a step further by modelling each dipole and each beam in order to provide as much flexibility as possible in exposure calculations.


Beyound conventional modelling 


To meet these challenges, Geomod and the CSTB have developed a new module, available as an option on MithraREM, which revolutionises smart antenna modelling by offering the possibility of creating and calculating electromagnetic fields (EMF) from 3D diagrams.


Key Module Features :


1. New 3D Diagram Format with Dipoles

We introduce an innovative 3D diagram format, which includes dipoles for more accurate and detailed modelling.


2. Custom Antenna Templates

With this module, you can create custom antenna models by choosing the number of dipoles, the layout of the radiating elements, the groups of sub-antennas, etc.

Customise your antennas to meet your specific needs.


3. Concatenate 3D diagrams

Easy concatenation of different 3D diagrams to create your own envelopes.


4. Calculations from 3D diagrams

More accurate calculations close to antennas with true 3D diagrams, for more reliable and realistic results than ever before.


Revolutionary MR3D 3D format 


The MR3D 3D format is a major breakthrough. It allows you to display a true 3D diagram, including Phi and Theta angles. What's more, it retains the sub-element structuring, allowing you to assess the electromagnetic field in the vicinity of the antenna, a feature not possible with conventional far-field models.



Create your own  Uniform Planar Array (UPA)


With our 5G module, you can create your own Uniform Planar Array (UPA) by defining the number of radiating elements and their layout. The radiation pattern for each element includes the 3GPP analytical model, guaranteeing accurate, standards-compliant results.



Visualise, Export and Perform more relevant calculations


Once your antenna has been defined, you can easily view and export 3D patterns in different beam directions. This data can be used to feed into your calculations or concatenation functions, allowing you to reconstruct an envelope pattern, whether for the average, maximum or any percentile result, from a set of radiation patterns, typically beams.