Water management
11 December 2023

A 3-in-1 tool for designing new-generation rainwater drainage systems

The necessary transition from "all pipes" to Integrated and Sustainable Stormwater Management implies new practices in the design and management of stormwater drainage in development projects.

Innovyze by Autodesk's InfoDrainage software is a unique, comprehensive and easy-to-use advanced tool, marketed and deployed in France by Geomod, for use by design offices and all those involved in Integrated and Sustainable Stormwater Management.


It allows you to

- Automated sizing of drainage systems incorporating alternative techniques and plot management

- Comparative analysis of possible technical solutions in terms of cost and flood risk

- 3D visualisation and integration of rainwater collection schemes into the BIM for easy communication between stakeholders.


The features and benefits of this new tool will be the focus of the InfoDrainage webinar organised by Geomod on 12/12/2023 at 11.30am.  To register, click here 


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