Wave propagation
07 November 2023

Childhood cancers - Geomod asked by the World Health Organisation to determine the multi-year exposure of children to radio frequencies

As a leader in the measurement of exposure to electromagnetic waves, thanks to its MithraREM software developed with the CSTB, Geomod has been chosen by the WHO to collaborate in a major epidemiological study conducted with the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and INSERM, with the aim of understanding the causal link between childhood cancers and radio frequencies emitted by TV and radio stations.



Geomod's aim is to determine the level of exposure to radio frequency waves (AM, FM, TV) between 2002 and 2013. The study focuses on children's populations referenced in the RNCE (National Register of Childhood Cancers) on the basis of national data from the INSERM GEOCAP programme. This large-scale epidemiological study will be used for future assessment of the risks associated with exposure to radio waves and cancer in children.


Geomod has been recognised for 20 years by the public sector, telecoms operators and associations for the added value, reliability and neutrality of its expertise in modelling the dispersion of electromagnetic and acoustic waves. Geomod takes on this new challenge with the pride of contributing to the advancement of knowledge in an international risk/health approach.


For more information, please contact : jean-benoit.dufour@geomod.fr